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Archive | December, 2012

Upcoming Closures at Bike Saviours

Bike Saviours will be closed during the following regular shop hours for some much needed volunteer r&r this holiday season:

December 23

December 25

January 1

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We will be open all other regular shop hours not listed from now until the January 1st.

NOW HIRING– Shop Liaison

The board members here at Bike Saviours are happy to announce a brand new position at the shop. We are looking for a shop liaison to fulfill the following tasks in our shop on a regular basis:
-curate the community toolshare (tools, kits, and fixtures)
-coordinate part and tool orders
-perform inventory/stock counts
-coordinate & schedule build days
-maintain the shop’s physical layout and organization
-coordinate donations
-maintain computer and register systems and electronic portals
-audit project bike rack periodically
-process incoming and outgoing shipments
-facilitate acquiring and installing capital expansions, as they are budgeted by the board
-recycle scrap materials periodically
-liquidate surplus tooling/furnishings/materials as approved by the board
can assume daytime phone-tree duty
-maintain rideshare fleet
The position includes, but is not limited to, those tasks.

If you are interested in doing this at Bike Saviours, please prepare a short (about 5 minute) pitch to present at our January meeting for the board to consider. The pitch should include things like your qualifications, ideas for the shop and the liaison position specifically and any other information you think may be pertinent. The meeting will take place at the shop at 6:30 p.m. on January 13th.