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2013-01-03 21.02.39In June 2012, the rear wheel of my only form of transportation was stolen in my apartment complex. Unable to afford the standard replacement price at bike shops, I discovered Bike Saviours. In just a few hours, I learned more about bikes than I had ever known, had fixed the bike with my own hands, and ended up with an even better running bike than before the theft.

Caught with this bike builder bug, I promptly began constructing a road bike from used parts in the shop. Juggling school and work, I hopped in once every couple weeks over the next few months to get my hands dirty. All the volunteers were incredibly helpful and friendly, and I even met fellow classmates in the process. In the end, I knew how every single component on my bike was put together, and rolled my new ride out the door for a price anyone could afford. Thanks Bike Saviours!
-Eric Chang

heather tattoo 2
I built my bike at Bike Saviours in August 2007 and fell in love. So much so that I tattooed the darn thing on my leg! Since then, I’ve been a regular volunteer and collective member at the shop. I still ride that same bike every day!
-Heather Hoch

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