How do you spell our name?

After I updated our website, I investigated the Google search data for our organization’s name, Bike Saviours. There are a lot of people searching on Google for “Bicycle Saviours”, “Bicycle Saviors”, or “Bike Saviors”. And the searches include combinations of all of these with “hours” or “location”. It’s easy to mis-remember our name – Bicycle vs Bike, Saviors vs Saviours (we use the British spelling.) The good news is Google will pull up our website in a search and direct you to the right place.

Bike Saviours is a non-profit bike collective. We are a great place to get your bike running like a fine tuned machine. And in a short time and for little expense. We have a ton parts and experienced mechanics to help you fix and maintain your bike. We have very inexpensive used parts in good condition and some new parts that are more expensive if you prefer.

Thought you’d never get your old bike running again? Bring it by and we can help you assess what it will take to get you riding again.

The shop with one of our volunteer mechanics

What’s happening in July ’19

Plenty of opportunities to learn to fix your bike or volunteer with Bike Saviours. Click the links below for details on the event and signup through our Facebook page

July 6: Give your own bike a complete tune-up during this class
July Bike Maintenance Class

July 7: Participate in our collective
July Community Meeting

July 28: Read about ways you can get involved with Bike Saviours and if you would like to volunteer, sign up:-
July Volunteer Orientation