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Why YOU should volunteer at Bike Saviours

  • You get to hang out with a bunch of cool people who are passionate about bikes.
  • You don’t have to pay for shop use.
  • You get access to tasty refreshments.
  • Most importantly, what we do is awesome and you want to be part of it.

Women’s Workshops

Women’s Workshop! starts FEB 21 and continues every first and third SATURDAY of the month 1-3pm. we will be working with our own bikes, looking at the basic areas & they’re intended to do. the course will ENABLE us to make minor adjustments and perform a GENERAL ASSESSMENT of our bike’s condition. WOMEN’S NIGHT>>>>BECOMES WOMEN’S WORKSHOP on SATURDAY FEB 21! same good fun

Holiday Closures and New Hours for 2015

The shop will be closed Wednesday, December 24th through Thursday, January 1st.  The first day of open shop hours for 2015 will be Sunday, January 4th (with new hours).

Yes, we’re changing our hours again.  Starting in 2015, our hours will be:

Sunday 12-6 PM
Monday 12-6 PM
Tuesday 4-10 PM
Wednesday 4-10 PM
Thursday 4-10 PM

The first and third Monday of each month will be Women’s Night from 7-10 PM.  The second and fourth Mondays will be Art Night (also from 7-10).


Bike Saviours at the REI Bike Drive in Tempe on 4/6

If you’re itching to get some bikes and parts off your hands during our brief shop hiatus, come visit all your favorite Saviours at REI in Tempe for their bike donation drive. We’ll be there from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. with tax donation receipts and smiles, ready to take your bike stuff to turn it into usable forms of transportation.

See you there!!

Get your project bike by 3/24

Since Sunday will be our last open shop day in the old location, we ask that you buy your project bike off the rack by then or they will be put out as fair game in the new shop.

We’re sorry if this complicates the bike building process for you and we hope you’ll bear with us through the technical difficulties of moving. Our goal is to make moving simpler for us so hopefully you all understand!