Bike Saviours Workshop

The Tool Share

We pretty much have everything you need to strip a bike down to a bare frame and rebuild it. When you check in with our greeter, you are assigned to one of 10 color coded work stations equipped with a bike stand and a comprehensive set of tools, including wrenches, cleaner, chain oil, rags, parts trays, etc. If you have a super fancy bike that requires a very specific tool, ask – we probably have it.

We also have a rollaway toolbox stocked with a complete selection of Park’s hand tools for advanced repair tasks, which you can ask a volunteer to retrieve for you and to demonstrate their use.

  • Simple metal fabrication gear is also available, subject to availability of volunteer supervision.
  • Shop use costs $5/hour with a cap of $15/day.  This helps to pay for rent, tools, and other expenses.  If this presents a hardship for you, we are happy to arrange a work-trade for shop time.  The use fee does not apply to volunteers or Build-a-Bikes.
  • We do not loan our tools out for use outside of the shop.

Below is partial list of our available tools for open shop use

Frame tools

  • dropout alignment gauge
  • Seat-tube gauge & hones
  • derailleur hanger alignment wrench
  • main tube bender

Fork tools

  • crown race setter
  • star nut setter
  • threading dies
  • cutting guide
  • brake boss hone
  • fork end alignment gauge
  • fork tube bender

Headset tools

  • Press
  • Cup remover
  • large fixed hex wrenches

Bottom Bracket tools

  • fixed cup wrenches
  • lockring wrench
  • pin spanners
  • cartridge bearing wrenches (internal & external)
  • BB shell thread chaser/facer

Crank tools

  • Crank puller (and a pickle fork & jaws of life for extreme situations!)
  • Crank nut/bolt wrench
  • chainring bolt wrench
  • cotter pin extractor
  • pedal taps

Wheel tools

  • Many freewheel removal tools!
  • Cone wrenches from 13mm to 28mm
  • 3 professional Park truing stands
  • spoke wrenches (many sizes/shapes)
  • nipple driver

General hand tools

  • Wrenches from 7mm to 19 mm
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Various hammers, ranging from “Good Cop” to “The Persuader”
  • bench vices
  • cable cutters