Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective (BSBC) is volunteer-run, 501(c)3 nonprofit education center devoted to teaching people about bicycle maintenance, building, and repair. We operate as a tool share that is open to the public. We provide affordable repurposed bikes and parts through a collection of donated recycled parts from the community.

5/27/21 Update: Our staff is fully vaccinated and we’re excited to move forward! In June we’re bringing back DIY bike repair. Schedule a 2-hour appointment to work on your own bike or choose one from our project bikes selection.

Masks are still required in the shop until further notice and we encourage everyone to wash/sanitize your hands frequently. Thanks for hanging in there with us. We can’t wait to have you back in the shop!

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DIY Bike Repair: Open, by appointment
Parts Shopping: Open, by appointment
Build-a-Bike / Earn-a-Bike / Work Trade: Build-a-Bike open, by appointment
New Volunteer Orientation: Open, get involved!
Used Bike Sales: Open, by appointment
Donation Drop-offs: Open, by appointment

To work on your bike, buy a bike or parts, or donate your old bike equipment, schedule an appointment during our shop hours.

Our Story

Photo - Our first shop
The backyard shop in 2007.

In November 2006, Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective was founded by Allison Karow. After living in different U.S. cities that already had bicycle collectives, she noticed the need in the Phoenix area for a place for people to donate old bikes, fix their own bikes, and learn how to build bikes as well as bike safely.

Picture of our founder in our first shop
Our founder, Allison Karow.

With her backyard and a few of her own tools on lend, she began building the federally-recognized non-profit community education collective. Eventually, Bike Saviours expanded out of her backyard and into a commercial space.

With the help of community donations and support, Bike Saviours helps over 250 patrons each month!

How to stay in touch:

We keep our most current event and news info on our Facebook Page. If you are not a Facebook fan, sign up for our approximately monthly newsletter:

Meet the Crew

Our Board & Staff:


Do I need an appointment or can I just come over?

No appointments are needed when we are open, but we do recommend that you come in early in the day, as space is limited and fills up quickly.

Do I need to have bike skills to work on a bike?

NOPE! Of course it helps, but we are an education center and we are devoted to helping you learn from square-one. You can come if you are a seasoned bike mechanic or if you have never changed a tube. Keep in mind that when we are very busy you might have to wait for a mechanic to finish helping one person before they get to you. You will be helped in the order that you arrived. If you do not need to work on your bike you can just come and shadow a mechanic and absorb skills.

How much does it cost to build a bike?

$100 – $125 for most bikes in the shop (not including any new parts you may need to purchase or any special/really nice parts or frames). Some bikes are priced higher because they are higher quality. All of our prices are non-negotiable so always ask about each part at the shop if you are not sure before you put it on your bike.

I want to build a bike. How long will it take?

It all depends on the completeness of the bike you pick and how often you come in and work on it. It’s safe to assume that the process to ensure a safe and well-maintenanced bicycle will require three or more sessions. Prodigy or not, going through all the components just takes time– but it’s worth it!

Do you have parts for building a fixed gear?

Sort of. We do not carry fixed wheels, and that is the most expensive part. If you want a fixed gear for street use (and not track use) may we suggest building a single speed conversion instead? It is much easier and costs $15 instead of $200. Look at some pictures online, you will see that they have the same sleek appearance. They are actually almost the same, the only difference (and benefit) is that you can coast with a single speed.

I need some new handlebars. Can I trade in my old ones?

We do not accept any trades, think of us like a thrift store-– you can donate your old stuff, but you still have to buy new/used stuff. Our used parts are very reasonably priced.

My aunt gave me her old ten speed that was sitting in the garage for 30 years. Should I try to fix it up or do you have something better?

We probably do not have something better! See if it fits you by standing over the bike with your feet shoulder length apart – the ideal height is where the top part of the frame is about 2 inches from your crotch. If it is too close, the bike is too big; if there is more than a 2 inch gap, it’s too small. If it doesn’t fit, don’t worry – we happily accept bike donations and you are welcome to browse our selection to find the right fitting bike or frame for purchase. You can even bring a bike that you’ve found at a local garage sale or thrift store.

I have some stuff I would like to donate. When/where can I drop it off?

Please bring it by the shop during our open hours. If we are not open, DO NOT leave parts/bikes outside the shop as it is difficult for the building supervisor to manage and it will probably get stolen within the hour. If you have a large donation and you can’t make it during shop hours, contact us for a special appointment. All donations are tax-deductible.

Do you sell used bikes?

We do have a handful of shop refurbished bikes that are generally higher quality “fancy bikes.”  These could be road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, or tandems depending on what gets donated.  These are more expensive and can run in the hundreds of dollars.  Stop by or contact us to see if we have something you are interested in.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, and please do! We would not exist without volunteers, and we are always excited about new people. While we’re open, we always teach people to fix their bikes and we can teach you the art of teaching bicycle repair– or we could use you behind the greeter desk too.
To get started volunteering, filling out our Volunteer Application and Agreement and we will email you with information on the next volunteer orientation. If you have any further questions, email our volunteer coordinator.

See our Get Involved page for more information on opportunities to help


Donating to Bike Saviours can give you that fuzzy feeling that you did something good for your community and there are several ways to donate to Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective! As a 501(c)3 non-profit, your contributions could be tax deductible – of course see your tax advisor for your specific tax situation.

Donations are always warmly accepted during regular hours or you can make an appointment for drop-off by e-mailing us.

We are always looking for the following items for our shop:

  • All varieties of bikes (road, hybrid, mountain, cruiser, bmx, tandem, etc.)
  • Bike parts of any kind
  • Tools of any kind
  • Bicycle accessories (lights, pumps, helmets, locks, racks, etc.)
  • Gently used cycling clothing and shoes
  • Old t-shirts, dish towels, or anything else we can turn into shop rags
  • Used plastic grocery bags for shop purchases
  • Printer paper, pens, pencils, sharpies, zip ties, masking tape
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages

And you can donate cash through Paypal right here:

Thank You!

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