Bike Saviours is a volunteer-run non-profit community bicycle education center devoted to teaching people bicycle maintenance, repair and safety. About Us >

Meet Bike Saviours

Whether you're looking to learn how to work on your own bike, build up a new-to-you bike, donate your old bike and parts or get more involved in the Tempe cycling community, we are here to assist you!

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  • Our Mission

    We are a volunteer-run, non-profit education center devoted to teaching people about bicycle maintenance, building and repair. We operate as a tool share that is completely open to the public. We provide affordable repurposed bikes and parts through the collection of donated, recycled parts from the community.  

  • Services

    With ten workstations, a selection of basic and specialized tools and experienced volunteer mechanics all available to the public, we can help you get your bike riding smoothly or even build up a new-to-you bike. Appointments are not necessary– just come in during our regular hours and be prepared to get greasy!

  • Location & Hours

    We are located on the northwest corner of Broadway and Roosevelt in Tempe.
    Address: 1930 S. Roosevelt St., Tempe, AZ 85281 View map
    Phone: (602) 429-9369

    Shop Hours
    Sunday - 12-6 PM
    Monday - 12-6 PM
    Tuesday - 3-9 PM
    Wednesday - 3-9 PM (Closed 7/4/18)
    Thursday - 3-9 PM (Closed 7/5/18)

The Shop

Bike Saviours WorkshopOur shop is open to the public. Not only do we have tools and work stands for you to use, we also have trained volunteers to answer any questions you might have about bike repairs, cycling in general or even just a suggestion for a good local bike hang out. We sell used parts and frames, and you can build a complete bike at our shop.

While the vast majority of our parts are donated and used, we also stock some new parts like tubes, tires, cables, brake pads, lights and locks. Please keep in mind our stock is based on donations, and there’s no guarantee that we have something specific to begin with or that something will remain in stock. Similarly, we try to keep a regular stock of those basic new parts, but sometimes we run out– bear with us!

How Our Shop Runs:

Bike Saviours seriously upholds a safe space agreement between everyone in the shop. We want to help everyone, but angry, hateful and dangerous behavior is never tolerated. We don’t like to say no, but we will always say no to racism, sexism, agism, homophobia, impairment and disruption. If the shop isn’t safe for everyone, it isn’t safe for anyone– so consider your fellow shop users before you come in.

Our Policies

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