Bike Saviours is a volunteer-run non-profit community bicycle education center devoted to teaching people bicycle maintenance, repair and safety. About Us >

Meet Bike Saviours

Whether you're looking to learn how to work on your own bike, build up a new-to-you bike, donate your old bike and parts or get more involved in the Tempe cycling community, we are here to assist you!

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  • Our Mission

    We are a volunteer-run, non-profit education center devoted to teaching people about bicycle maintenance, building and repair. We operate as a tool share that is completely open to the public. We provide affordable repurposed bikes and parts through the collection of donated, recycled parts from the community.  

  • Services

    With ~10 workstations, a selection of basic and specialized tools, and experienced volunteer mechanics all available to the public, we can help you get your bike riding smoothly or even build up a new-to-you bike. Appointments are not necessary — just come in during our regular hours and be prepared to learn and get greasy!

  • Location & Hours

    We are located on the northwest corner of Broadway and Roosevelt in Tempe.
    Address: 1930 S. Roosevelt St., Tempe, AZ 85281 View map
    Phone: (602) 429-9369

    Shop Hours
    Sunday - 12-6 PM
    Monday - 12-6 PM
    Tuesday - 3-9 PM
    Wednesday - 3-9 PM
    Thursday - 3-9 PM
    Friday & Saturday closed