About Us

Bike Saviours is a 501(c)3 community bike shop focused on empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to build and maintain self-sufficient, low cost modes of transportation. We are run by a small collective of dedicated volunteer board members who make decisions via consensus.

We also operate as a community recycling project that collects used bikes and bike parts from donors and turns them into functional modes of transportation for people in Tempe. We explore other modes of re-use for scrapped bike materials, such as bike art.

Whether you have a bike or need a bike, you can use our shop as a tool share and ask our volunteer mechanics anything you might want to know. While we don’t currently sell ready-to-ride used bikes, we offer a build-a-bike program where you repurpose a donated used bike, build it up and transform it into a functional bicycle. This process can take a few weeks, depending on the completeness of the bike you select, so be prepared to work, learn and get greasy!

For more information on our shop, please read:

Mission Statement