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Honoring Thomas Cavaretta

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The board and staff of Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective would like to thank the friends and family of Thomas Cavaretta for donating to our organization in his memory. In light of a traditional service, the family wishes to share with others the generosity of the following people:

  • Jeff Anderson
  • Tim O’Connor Astellas
  • The Partners and team at Boyer Corporon Wealth Management
  • David Buchwald
  • Denise Burgess
  • Monica Cation
  • Walter & Theresa Chayes
  • Garret Dunn
  • Rich Eagle + Ian-Bean & Ackey-boy
  • Abbey Gemmell
  • Joseph Hoover
  • Rochelle K Hoyt
  • Rene Job
  • Basilio Kypuros
  • Kathy Leach
  • Teresa Luterbach
  • Erin McNiece
  • Margaret Murphy
  • Katy Mutnick
  • Nita Newsom
  • Kim Phillips
  • Craig Rettig
  • The Rettig Family
  • David & Meredith Rice
  • Linda Roberts
  • Mark Rogers
  • Kim Schroeder
  • Jill Soronson
  • Cindy Utterback
  • Jorge Villarreal
  • Colleen Ydo

Your generous donation will be used to further our mission to provide affordable bicycles and parts and teach people about bicycle maintenance, building, and repair. Through this work, we hope to help others discover the joy of cycling as Tom did. Thank you for honoring him in this way.

Tom Cavaretta
Tom Cavaretta

The Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective Board of Directors and Staff