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The Shop

Bike Saviours Repair Shop photo

The shop use fee is $5/hour with a cap of $15/day. If this presents a hardship for you, speak with our staff! We are happy to arrange a work-trade.

Our shop is open to the public. Not only do we have tools and workstands for you to use, we also staff volunteer mechanics to answer any questions you might have about bike repairs, cycling in general, or even just a suggestion for a good local bike hang out.

We pretty much have everything you need to strip a bike down to a bare frame and rebuild it. When you check in with our greeter, you are assigned to one of 10 color coded work stations equipped with a bike stand and a comprehensive set of tools, including wrenches, cleaner, chain oil, rags, parts trays, etc. If you have a super fancy bike that requires a very specific tool, ask – we probably have it.

The vast majority of our inventory consists of used, donated parts. That being the case, we also stock a small selection of new consumables and parts related to safety such as tubes, tires, cables, brake pads, locks, and lights.


Need a bike? Come pick one out rom our collection of donated bikes! We will help you select one suitable for your size and needs and supply the tools and instruction to rebuild it to roadworthy condition. All we ask is that you come willing to learn and get a little greasy. Most bikes are ~$100, though are priced commensurate with the quality of the bike. Here’s how it works:

  • Pick a bike from our collection of donated bikes
  • Put down a $10, non-refundable deposit that goes toward the final cost of the bike and 1 hour of your time to claim the bike as yours.
  • Build the bike of your dreams from our bins of used parts!
  • Finish the bike and pay the remainder of the balance within a month of starting.
  • A spirit of learning and a little patience! Most bikes take ~8-10+ hours across several sessions.

Each bike comes with a NEW chain, cables, brake pads, and tubes. The cost of the bike also includes all the shop time and guidance you need. As part of the build program, each bike is thoroughly checked by our mechanics for safety prior to finishing.

Work Trade:

Can’t afford the parts or bike you need? We can help with that. Work for us and earn shop credit at $10/hour! Use your shop credit for:

  • Shop time
  • Regular priced parts
  • Shop membership
  • One regular-priced Build-a-Bike, lights, and a lock

We allow a maximum of one person doing work trade at a given time. Credit expires one year after your last work trade session. Ask staff for details!


Bike Saviours seriously upholds a safe space agreement between everyone in the shop. We want to help everyone, but angry, hateful, and dangerous behaviour is never tolerated. We don’t like to say no, but we will always say no to racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, impairment, and disruptions. If the shop isn’t safe for everyone, it isn’t safe for anyone — so consider your fellow shop users before you come in.