Get Involved

Wrench or Greet during our Open Shop

The best way to use your bike repairing knowledge is to share it! If you’re handy with bike fixin’ already, drop in and help out. If not, we would love to teach you by either showing you on your own bike, assisting you with a project build, or through mechanic shadowing.

If getting greasy isn’t your thing, we’re always looking for people to run our greeter desk. Tasks include signing in shop users, light triage of our patrons’ needs in the shop, ringing up sales through our Square register system, and setting up patrons with a stand and mechanic. If you want to know more, check out our Organization and Volunteer Guide

If you are ready to volunteer, get started by filling out our Volunteer Application and Agreement. We will email you to let you know when the next volunteer orientation is held (generally once a month). If you have any questions, email our volunteer coordinator.

We keep our most current event and news info on our Facebook Page. If you are not a Facebook fan, sign up for our approximately monthly newsletter:

Submit and build your ideas and suggestions

If you have a great idea for a program that we aren’t doing yet, or a feature that we are missing, or just a simple change that you think would be good for the shop, you can make it happen if you are committed to it.

We welcome any good idea, but we put a premium on those from people that are willing to actually make what they propose. Who wants to start Art Night or Youth Night?  The resources of Bike Saviours, (tools, a shop, bikes, parts) have unrealized potential, and we welcome people who want to try something new.

Email our staff to learn more!

Attend Collective meetings & become a Member

Bike Saviours’ major administrative decisions are decided by its Members, who act as a collective. If you want to help create, organize, and execute good policies and plans for our shop, then you should attend our Collective’s meetings, which are open to the public.

Meetings are on the first Sunday of each month at 7:00 PM at Bike Saviours.

Prospective collective members are required to be part-time volunteers for at least 6 months, though their main goal of joining the collective should be to advance the shop forward with work that is beyond wrenching and greeting and building. It is not a neighborhood brunch club and the work is not trivial: Members handle our financial plan, special projects, volunteer coordination, recruitment and retention, bookkeeping, and/or donation prospecting.

New members are admitted by an invitation from the entire collective. If you are seeking an invite, please visit one of our collective meetings and we can discuss your interests, our needs, and where you might fit.

If you would like to review the minutes of our previous meetings, you may do so here.

Or read through our non-profit organization documents