Here is a list of our available tools for open shop use. You can ask a volunteer to retrieve them for you and to demonstrate their use. You also are provided a tool bag of basic wrenches when you check in for the day.

If you do bring your own tools, we URGE you to check them in with the greeter. We are not responsible for lost or stolen personal tools.

We do not loan our tools out for use outside of the shop.


  • dropout alignment gauge
  • Seat-tube gauge & hones
  • derailleur hanger alignment wrench
  • main tube bender


  • crown race setter
  • star nut setter
  • threading dies
  • cutting guide
  • brake boss hone
  • fork end alignment gauge
  • fork tube bender


  • Press
  • Cup remover
  • large fixed hex wrenches

Bottom Bracket

  • fixed cup wrenches
  • lockring wrench
  • pin spanners
  • cartridge bearing wrenches (internal & external)
  • BB shell thread chaser/facer


  • Crank puller (and a pickle fork & jaws of life for extreme situations!)
  • Crank nut/bolt wrench
  • chainring bolt wrench
  • cotter pin extractor
  • pedal taps


  • Many freewheel removal tools!
  • Cone wrenches from 13mm to 28mm
  • Truing stands
  • spoke wrenches (many sizes/shapes)
  • nipple driver

General hand tools

  • Wrenches from 7mm to 19 mm
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Various hammers, ranging from “Good Cop” to “The Persuader”
  • bench vices
  • cable cutters